BumGenius Elemental All in One Cloth Diaper

AngelicWare Cloth Diapers Set. Reusable all in one size Baby Pocket Diaper Cover + 5 Layer Bamboo Inserts. Best Diapering Gift Bundle Pack. Keep them Happy & Dry + bonus eBOOK


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If you are looking for a super trim, easy to use, organic, all in one cloth diaper you might want to check out! When I received this diaper to review the first thing that crossed my mind was there was no way this diaper wouldn’t need an extra liner. It is SO thin! (Spoiler Alert – I was wrong!)

An absorbent soaker pad is sewn into ones & twos diapers. As I mentioned before each diaper also comes with an additional soaker pad that can be laid in the diaper or slipped inside the front pocket. These all in one cloth diapers are lined with stay dry fabric as well as one side of the extra insert (the other side is microfiber). We’ve used our diaper with the insert and without and I have experienced only good things. During the day the diaper is great by itself and so extremely trim but also absorbes anything Kendall has to give. At night the extra insert was great and Kendall woke up without any leaks. I still have my favorite night time diaper from other brand that I’ll use on a daily basis but it’s good to know that I have a great back up diaper if I need it.

All in one cloth baby diapers - Bum-ware Diapers

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