What’s Included in your Planet Baby Cloth Diaper Package:

Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers, White, 10 Count


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High Quility better for baby cloth diapers washable 1) Material: 100% cottton+pvc waterproof coating+100% cotton 2) Feature: Soft,strong water imbibition, waterproof, perfact design, breathe ...

Grobaby cloth diapers are the very latest (they only were available for sale in shops last month) cloth diaper system. They’re made by the Natural Baby Co – same manufacturers as for the fabulous and long time favorite Dream Eze Diapers. Grobabies are already surpassing the Dream Eze as the new favorites!

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One lucky Homemade Mothering reader will win a Terra Baby cloth diaper! To enter, check out and let me know your favorite diaper color in the comments below.

Baby Pants are long lasting, high quality diapers. Many (most) competing diapers use a cheaper terry, foam or flannel filler in the thicker, center wet zone covered by the diaper fabric. This causes drying problems, provides a haven for bacteria and is difficult to pin through. We recommend that parents double diaper the baby during the night and use a single diaper during the day even though these are night weight. When you measure the waist for diapers, it should be at the navel. If in doubt get the larger size. These diapers are easily folded to make a larger size fit but they can't stretch should you buy too small. Diaper your baby with the top edge of the diaper at the level of the navel. If the diaper is too long then fold them over in front for boys and in back for girls. Some parents aren't as comfortable with this thinking it's too high. Observe babies in cloth diapers. Experienced mothers know this is how to prevent leaks. Where diapers are concerned more diaper equals more absorbency equals no leaks or wet pants.