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I love the Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers! So cute! I want to start using cloth diapers because its so much more cost effective and they are eco friendly. But isn’t it harder in public to change a diaper? what do you do with the poopy diaper? I’m used to throwing it away…Do you just keep it in a bag and bring it home and wash it? Im obviously clueless :/ Going through too many diapers and I need to make a change. Im sure its better for my little one’s bum as well to use cloth diapers…

I haven’t cloth diapered in almost 6 years, so I figured there must be new diapers around that didn’t exist then. I haven’t heard of the Charlie Banana cloth diapers. I love the designs. I am going to look into these some more.

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  • Cynthia Cox says:

    We are expecting our 3rd child any day. I bought a starter pack of Charlie Banana cloth diapers and am super excited to try them with her.

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    The Charlie Banana cloth diapers look great, stylish and super easy to use and adjust as your child grows. Great review. The video is proof positive of the diaper’s absorbancy. Add all of that with the enormous cost savings and it’s hard to even contemplate using disposable diapers.

    These Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers sound amazing. The inserts absorbency is perfect as is the adjustable sizing from XS to XL. It is excellent that you can use the disposable insert for going out or at nighttime. And a warranty on both buttons and stains is remarkable.