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Cotton is still one of the most frequently used fabrics by cloth diaper makers today. The fabric can be bleached or unbleached. Unbleached cotton requires a few washings before it reaches its maximum absorbency.

To make fitted diapers cuter and more fun, cloth diaper makers usually use printed cotton interlock or jersey for the outer layer of the fabric. Printed flannel can also be used, but it provides less stretch and the fabric has a tendency to pill more.

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This list of the best cloth diapers for any baby includes multiple different styles and makers of diapers. Most parents choose a combination of many styles for different stages of growth or situations. Cloth diapers also make great for new parents – they can never have too many! Every baby and every diaper brand is unique, so it benefits parents to have a variety of diapers so that they can experience how different brands fit their baby’s unique shape.