Ways to Remove Cloth Diaper Stains

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How to remove cloth diaper stains.

Below I've collected tips from readers sharing how to remove cloth diaper stains.

I think we all know, although this is gross, that it partially depends what your baby ate or drank, which causes the stains, to know for sure how to remove it.

That means if all else fails check the , which lists instructions for over 100 types of stains, for very specific instructions on that particular stain.

However, unlike with many types of fabrics where you don't have to worry quite as much about what or you use on them, cloth diapers are a bit different.

You don't want whatever you use on them to cause irritation to your baby's sensitive skin, or to mess with the absorbing qualities of the fibers.

Therefore, these stains are somewhat unique.

Below I've collected tips that readers have submitted, so far, for how to remove these spots, in general.

I'd love to hear even more tips from cloth diapering mothers (and fathers) who can share what products or home remedies they use, to add to this page, to provide even more ideas and tricks for everyone to try. If you've got any, you can .

So, below are the tips I've already received! Hope they help.

Cloth diaper stains are the worst, because we know what causes them. (Yuck!)

I've shared directions for and but sometimes old stains just don't come out no matter how many times you wash those diapers.

Dawn from also had this problem. She found that hanging those cloth diapers out on the line, in the sunshine, really helped bleach them out and get rid of those nasty diaper stains.

In fact, sunshine is such a great stain remover I actually wrote a whole article on , since it can work for lots of things, not just diapers.

Below I've shared a similar tip from another reader, who found something similar about this natural way to remove these stains, which just really confirms it is a great and easy tip!

How to Remove Cloth Diaper Stains The Natural Way

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Personally, I take a practical approach. To me, cloth diaper stains are as inevitable as bib stains. Since they are hidden on the inside of the diaper, the only people who will see them anyway are the elite and chosen group of my son’s diaper changers – me, my husband, and occasionally . However, if stains really bother you or you’re just trying to spruce up some stained cloth diapers before selling them, you might have a few questions about the best ways to remove the stains without damaging the diapers.

ere are some more natural ways to treat cloth diaper stains. (Keep in mind, there is no one foolproof stain remover prescription I can give you, because there will always be other variables at play – the type of stain, the type of fabric, whether you have any mineral build-up in your diapers from hard water, etc.)