Homemade Cloth Diaper Cleaning Powder

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Using cloth diapers as cleaning cloths

For this cloth diaper deep cleaning process, you'll need a sturdy brush and original blue Dawn dish soap. I know Dawn is good for removing grease but it also works very well on diaper stains and removing diaper cream residue. Diaper cream isn't recommended for use with cloth diapers, but sometimes I've had to use it (and have paid the consequences with crusty buildup).

I recommend doing this process for deep cleaning cloth diapers at least once a year. It does require a time investment, especially if you have a lot of cloth diapers to clean, but the results I achieved significantly impacted the lifespan of my cloth diapers. I'll definitely do this again to create a clean slate when passing on diapers to our next child.

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  • Soft Water Zones or Water Softener — If you have soft water either geographically or via a water softener in your home, the converse is true as for hard water. Soft water generally doesn't need as much detergent as hard water to get dirty cloth diapers clean.
  • Cloth Diaper cleaning process | baby | Pinterest

    A quality diaper detergent will enable mothers to keep their baby’s cloth diapers clean and sanitized for daily use when they need them. It will not contain harmful chemicals that could irritate baby’s soft skin. In addition, it will be cost effective to fit easily fit within the family’s budget.

    It's not as hard as it seems! Learn how to get started cloth diapering and keep it going with more little ones to come! Great for beginners! Learn how to wash them, where to store them, and how to strip cloth diapers for clean fresh diapers.