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My lo is 12 days old and our pediatrician mentioned that we might want to start using a diaper ointment/salve of some kind to protect the baby's bottom. �Are there any cloth diaper friendly ointments/salves? �Which would you suggest? �We are using workhorses with covers, prefolds and bg newborn. �

We have used several cloth diaper safe ointments, and this is our favorite! I even use it for rashes on other parts of my baby's skin. It works great!

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  • Wet and soiled diapers.  Yes, sitting in a wet or dirty diaper, even for a short period, can result in diaper rashes for some babies.  Diapers lined with a stay dry layer next to your baby’s skin will help wick the moisture away from their skin and keep them dry.  When using a natural fiber (cotton, bamboo, or hemp) you may want to use a fleece or silk liner next to their skin to help wick that moisture away.   Changing your baby more frequently and using a cloth diaper safe ointment may help reduce the chances of diaper rash.  Naked time can help with this type of diaper rash as well.
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    I tried Magic stick which is a cloth diaper safe ointment. My baby developed a terrible rash, she turned all pink… And she was fine when I applied it (I applied it just as a test).
    I would love to hear about a ointment that’s safe both for cloth diapers and for sensitive babies. One with no essentials oils.

    Choose a cloth diaper friendly ointment. A couple of my favorites are petroleum-free and . (Many moms really like , too, though I haven’t needed to try the latter because the first two always worked well for my babies.) Used sparingly, a little goes a long way, these ointments should not clog your diaper fabric.