Cloth Diaper Revival: Cloth Diapers for Preemies

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Planning for a premature baby is not something most mother’s do, so when a premature baby is born it may derail some of the plans in place for our newborn baby. The plan to cloth diaper a baby right after birth may no longer be realistic. Most NICU’s do not allow , only because the parents will have to change the baby at every diaper change in order to use them. So, as a result, disposables are used for the baby while in the NICU. But, don’t fret. Cloth Diapering a preemie is possible once they come home.

Samuel spent some time in the NICU and currently weighs in at 5lbs 2oz. Jenny had cloth diapered her first and already had a newborn stash, but wasn’t prepared to cloth diaper a preemie. The first few days Jenny spent experimenting with the diapers she already had for a newborn. Most newborn diapers begin fitting around 6-7 lbs, some fitting smaller babies around 4lbs. Samuel is a long and lean little boy with tiny little legs. Here are just a few diapers that have been successful for this first week (which is actually his 3rd week after birth).

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OsoCozyUnbleached Prefold Cloth Diapers (1 dz.) - Preemie..

[…] contains affiliate links. In 2013, Jen of Spray Pal shared with Change-Diapers readers her story of cloth diapering a preemie. Jen was a huge support when Up On The Hill‘s baby Oliver was born at 25 weeks and 1 lb 9 oz […]

This is the last diaper I’m highlighting in my series on cloth diapers for preemies & small newborns. Check out my for how newborn diapers fit on my 6.5 lb newborn, and read about more .