Buying cloth diapers can be overwhelming for new parents

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Say goodbye to your notions of the pins, the big square pieces of cotton, leaky kids, and the daunting task of cleaning up. Easily laundered all-in-one diapers are the order of the day. With snaps or Velcro closures, waterproof banding around the waist and legs, and natural, breathable fibers that require no soaking, cloth diapers can be a more palatable choice than you may imagine.

Choosing to go the cloth diapering route can be daunting. Their starter pack made the learning curve more manageable. When I was still pregnant, I signed up for starter pack and a week before my due date, they came by to drop off 30 diapers and the pail. After Allie was born, we waited until after her umbilical stump fell off before we started using the cloth diapers. When that happened, I gave Happy Baby Cheeks a call and figured out how many diapers we would need per week. It was freeing to know that I could request as many diapers as I needed and that as my child grew, I could adjust the quantity at any time. As an added service, Happy Baby Cheeks also offers other items such as diaper rash cream, filters and covers for sale that can be delivered with your diapers.

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  • Lend a diaper (or two) to a friend to try.  Even if they only use cloth diapers part time they will see just how easy cloth diapering can be.
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    Buying can be overwhelming for new parents. This guide explores how to buy cloth diapers, what types of cloth diapers are right for you and your baby, and how to make this decision that will impact your pocket book and the environment. Choosing to buy can be a significant cost-saver over time, especially if you wash them yourself as most users of cloth diapers do. Cloth diapers can be a significant money saver, but if washing diapers every day isn't your thing be sure to buy enough cloth diapers so you don't have to wash diapers more frequently than every three to four days. After the initial purchase, you can save money by reusing cloth diapers from newborn to toddler years. You will find that you save more money if you are planning on having multiple children, and/or make most of your money back by selling them online.

    What about the environment? While it’s estimated that disposable diapers take years to completely break down in landfills, cloth diapers can be reused for years and for subsequent babies. While you do use resources such as water and electricity to launder cloth diapers, the effect on the environment may still be less.