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A multi-hole jet sprayer with pressure control valve makes personal hygiene, commode cleaning and cloth diaper rinsing quick and easy. Sticky, stuck-on messes will easily be removed without getting your hands wet or dirty when you use your cloth diaper sprayer. A handy little tool that will make cloth diapers a little easier for parents.

The cloth diapering family's secret weapon! Our quality Cloth Diaper Sprayer uses the highest quality fittings and parts. Not to be confused with cheaper, mostly plastic diaper sprayers, our stainless hand-held sprayer sets itself apart in both quality and aesthetics. An elegant yet functional design, you'll wonder why you ever tried to get along with a diaper sprayer in the past!

our cloth diaper sprayer we use for our Fuzzibunz diapers

Cloth Diaper Sprayer
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How to use a cloth diaper sprayer.
Most people think that cleaning cloth diapers in a toilet is gross, nasty and disgusting even with a diaper sprayer. That’s why for a mess-free and sanitary way to spray off soiled cloth diapers you need The Potty Pail super splatter shield or splash guard. You can easily use your sprayer on the highest pressure setting to get diapers super clean without the risk of back splatter from the poopy toilet water. The Potty Pail is far superior and easier to use than other shields because you can work hands free on multiple diapers all without having to juggle the diaper, sprayer and a flimsy shield all at the same time.

The days of soaking wet, messy, smelly cloth diapers in a pail are gone, as is the dirty task of sticking your hand in the toilet to clean off your soiled cloth diapers. Our cloth diaper sprayer - a mini shower for your diapers - has changed all that. A cloth diaper sprayer makes cloth diaper rinsing quick and easy (and WAY less messy!).