Such a cute cloth diaper cover!

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Bumkins Cloth Diaper Cover - Blue

One of the first determinations to make when it comes to cloth diaper covers is what type of fabric you want to use. There are several common options when it comes to cover fabrics. Each has pros and cons. You may want to purchase one of each to determine what you prefer.

Polyurethane Laminate, or PUL, is the most common fabric used in cloth diaper covers and AIOs. PUL is comprised of a soft outer fabric that is coated with a flexible and waterproof plastic material. Most PUL diaper covers are available in colors, but some cloth diaper covers use printed PUL, which is a very fun option. PUL is thin, but durable- standing up to industrial washing routines. Some babies are sensitive to components used in the manufacturing process. It is also not as breathable as some other options.

Bumkins Cloth Diaper Cover - Gray

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    A cloth diaper cover is basically a leak resistant cover that holds a prefold (a prefold is like the cloth diaper your grandmother used) in place. You just set a prefold in them and they attach to your baby much like a disposable diaper would.

    Cover is compatible with 3 insert types: stay-dry, organic or disposable.
    Available in snap closures.
    Stretch-to-fit tabs create custom fit.
    Contour flap holds insert in place.
    Form fitting leg elastic prevents leaks.
    Waterproof cover, Wipe clean and reuse
    Insert sold separately
    Included:1 cloth diaper cover