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Linteum Textile REUSABLE BIRDSEYE BURP CLOTH / BABY DIAPERS 12x16 in. Washable 2-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers 12-Pack

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Our first baby is due at the end of July so I am making my game plan now as far as cds go. I totally agree with the blog this week that talks about being a good steward. I stay at home and I feel my job is to make the most of the resources that we have. Which includes our house, money, time, and natural resources. I am still working on meal planning and budgeting, etc but I think that cloth diapers fit in right along with those things. I hope to make it an economical choice for us and reduce our waste. Yay less trash. Thank you Simple Mom for helping me work on all these things.

Love this series of articles. Very well written and I enjoy the fact that I don’t feel you have an axe to grind, so I can LIKE what is being said : )
I think the cloth diaper industry has made HUGE improvements and I am now much warmer to the idea of using them than I ever was before. My main reason was the difficulty in getting them clean without huge waste of energy/water, addition of chemicals, etc. But now, I have read about many that could simply go in with my regular hot wash, get sanitized, get cleaned, with minimal impact on water/energy consumption. I have always used cloth wipes and I think I have come around to cloth diapers too ; ) Just need a baby now to try them on!

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Packaging Details: Super thin baby cloth diapers package :30pcs*8bags / master carton ,It's about 0.05 cbm/carton.

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We used Kissaluvs newborns and LOVED them. We now use a mix of Kissaluv fitted diapers, another fitted brand I bought used, Bum Genius One-Size. For the fitted we use Thirsties covers, which I like better than the few Bummis we have used. Now that our little bean is getting older, I need to find a new system for night time, as she is a heavy wetter. My source for all things cloth diapers is Jillian’s Drawers. They are an awesome store and have great cloth diaper trial system. They carry all of the above reviewed brands, plus more. I also just tried gDiapers, for those times when we use disposable (camping, traveling, etc) and so far I like them…but they are expensive. We also use cloth wipes and keep them in a Baby Bits water in a wipes warmer. While the wipes warmer uses energy, we decided warm wipes was worth it, especially during our Montana winters and for changing a diaper in the middle of the night. Anything to not wake her up anymore!

I am chomping at the bit to use cloth diapers for our little guy, but I’m going to burn through a lot of our disposable stash first. We’ve heard so many good things about cloth diapers – we want to try them because of the cost-effectiveness of it all, the fact that it’s good for the environment, and the hope that he will be potty-trained sooner rather than later.