Stop Telling Me to Use Tide on Cloth Diapers. (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

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I don’t need to use Tide on cloth diapers. Really. I have a routine that for me. I am not going to deviate from a perfectly functional cloth diaper laundry routine. I am a acolyte for a reason: it works for my diapers. In fact, it’s one of the top two diaper detergent choices in my city. (Nellie’s is the other popular choice.)

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Detergent Chart for Use in Cloth Diapering

1.) I started out with using Tide on cloth diapers. Just like FuzziBunz recommended, I used the Free and Clear version. I was elated; that was the same detergent that I used on my regular laundry. Within three months, I had such a horrid stink that I nearly quit cloth diapering. Had it not been for sheer stubbornness, I would have given up. In short: I tried it, and it was horrid. For me. For .

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